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What is a Surge Protection Device (SPD)?

The surge protection devices (SPDs) protect systems and electrical devices against excessively high voltage peaks caused by switching operations and lightning strikes. Without surge suppressor or absorber built in, the surges can damage the circuit easily due to overload, interrupt processes and causing the electronics to prematurely age.

A surge can happen to a connector and its contacts by an impulse current through a short circuit in the system or by switching operations. The short-timed high current heat cannot be transferred outside fast enough so the contacts are stressed by the high temperature which in the worst case can lead to corrosion occurs in weld and thus influence electrical properties.

What can Kingfont do

The structure of the patented PowerSpeed™ power connectors was designed to address the need for super high amperes, combining with Kingfont’s surge protection device can prevent damage by impulse currents.

Product and Features

DC Power Surge Protective Devices

  1. DC voltage, 48V, 20A, IP54, custom-developed solutions are also available.
  2. Incorporate with Kingfont PowerSpeed™ power connectors, which offer high amperage more than 100 A with lower t-rise and voltage drop.
  3. Ideal for high-power electrical devices and appliances, motor drive, solar inverter, power converter, battery protection device, Heavy Equipment Electrification, Starter Generators