What is a Surge Protection Device (SPD)?

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What is a Surge Protection Device (SPD)?

The surge protection devices (SPDs) protect systems and electrical devices against excessively high voltage peaks caused by switching operations and lightning strikes. Without surge suppressor or absorber built in, the surges can damage the circuit easily due to overload, interrupt processes and causing the electronics to prematurely age.

A surge can happen to a connector and its contacts by an impulse current through a short circuit in the system or by switching operations. The short-timed high current heat cannot be transferred outside fast enough so the contacts are stressed by the high temperature which in the worst case can lead to corrosion occurs in weld and thus influence electrical properties.

What can Kingfont do

The structure of the patented PowerSpeed™ power connectors was designed to address the need for super high amperes, combining with Kingfont’s surge protection device can prevent damage by impulse currents.

Product and Features

DC Power Surge Protective Devices

  1. DC voltage, 48V, 20A, IP54, custom-developed solutions are also available.
  2. Incorporate with Kingfont PowerSpeed™ power connectors, which offer high amperage more than 100 A with lower t-rise and voltage drop.
  3. Ideal for high-power electrical devices and appliances, motor drive, solar inverter, power converter, battery protection device, Heavy Equipment Electrification, Starter Generators

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Energy Storage System is in the rage, but What is it ?

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What is Battery energy storage systems (BESS) ?

A BESS is a compound system comprising hardware components along with low-level and high-level software. The main BESS parts include:

1.A battery system (cell, battery pack) . It contains individual battery cells that convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The cells are arranged in modules that, in their turn, form battery packs

2.A battery management system (BMS). A BMS ensures the safety of the battery system. It monitors the condition of battery cells, measures their parameters and states, such as state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH), and protects batteries from hazards by disconnecting battery from system.

3.An inverter or a power conversion system (PCS). It has bi-directional inverters that allow for both charging and discharging. . This converts direct current (DC) produced by batteries into alternating current (AC) supplied to electrical grid.

4.An energy management system (EMS). This is responsible for monitoring and control within a battery storage system. An EMS coordinates the work of a BMS, a PCS, and other components of a BESS. By collecting and analyzing energy data, an EMS can efficiently manage the power resources of the system.

5.Others: Depending on its functionality and operating conditions, a BESS can also include a range of safety systems, such as a fire control system, a smoke detector, a temperature control system, cooling, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

The global energy storage systems market demand and size are expected to witness a robust growth due to four aspects as below :

1.Rising demand for electric vehicles is expected to expand the numbers and size of energy storage systems, for it meets the needs of electric cars are fully charged at work and at home.

2.The goal of energy storage system capacity in Taiwan : Taipower has recognized the importance of the development of renewable energy and has targeted to boost its storage capacity to 590 MWh by 2025.

3.Energy storage will play a key role in the industry as the renewable energy grows, for solar and wind grows are not constantly available and predictable– this is called intermittency. Energy-storage devices can store surplus energy during off-peak hours into the grid and ensure energy consistency. It can lower the impact of weather variations on energy production.

4.The price of lithium-ion batteries has declined. The energy systems composed of thousands or tens of thousands of lithium cells based on the capacity and charge/discharge demand. As the global battery prices fall in 2018, the market of energy storage accelerates.

The energy storage equipment will play a crucial role in power system.

Electricity Security should also be taken into account.

When it comes to electricity security, , it is important to ensure the protection against an arc flash.

Electrical arcing is when an inductive circuit is switched off, the current cannot instantaneously jump to zero: a transient arc will be formed across the separating contacts. It also occurs during short circuit condition which passes through this arc gap.

Undesired arcing cause damage to electrical contacts of the equipment through melting of conductors, destruction of insulation and thus influence transmission quality. Unintended electric arcing can have detrimental effects on electric power transmission, distribution systems and electronic equipment and device include switches, circuit breakers, relay contacts, fuses, current transformer or switchboard. It may lead to high cost of downtime for components changing and raise the probability of power system blackout.

For inverter or a power conversion system, a power surges or short circuit happens due to damaged circuit board owing to high temperature or faulty wire insulation.

What can Kingfont do

Kingfont power connectors incorporating the patented PowerSpeed™ contact technology combine with customized surge protection device with anti flashover could provides efficiency, safety, Go-Green and durability for power transmission using in electrical systems and equipment. The patented configuration for Kingfont power connectors provide excellent vibration and high impact resistance to prevent short circuit and then cause arc flash. Also, it assures the retention force of connector won’t drop as a result of heat relaxation and thus lead to poor contact surface and higher resistance. The result is superior electrical transfer that doesn’t deteriorate from harsh environments (high vibration, temperatures, humidity)

Moreover, it extends the life of certain applications require repeated insertion/extraction cycles. PowerSpeed™ structure provide excellent durability for enabling thousands of cycles while maintaining good plating finishes because of zero insertion forces. With full contact structure, there is no air between the mating surfaces lowering the possibility of oxidation.

Battery Energy Storage Systems demand a comprehensive circuit protection strategy. The major areas of concern are protection against electrical overcurrent, overload, short circuit, arc flash, and transient overvoltage. Kingfont power connectors use PowerSpeed™ contact technology to meet the increasing power delivery of above 100 A or more, and the need for a smaller board footprint. Also, with Kingfont’s surge protection device with anti flashover, we can tailor to a specific application and provide features such as short circuit protection, arc detection, different levels of sealing (IP) etc. ideal for use in energy storage systems.

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Looking for Someone to Carry Out Your Connector Design Perfectly?

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If you are looking for someone to collaborate with your project making interconnects or precision stamping parts, you will want to tell Kingfont!  They excels at developing machine tools that caters to your needs. For example, they suit one of their customers’ needs perfectly by designing a stamping tool–a progressive die– that can produce at the same time several precision stamping parts and one movable, ring-piercing switch altogether. That means their design was being produced on an efficient production line that leads to high-quality, inventive stamping parts with reasonable pricing.

Kingfont's custom-designed stamping part
Kingfont's custom-designed stamping part
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What Are Kingfont’s Capabilities?

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Kingfont’s main focus at its early stage in the 1990s is the R&D of progressive dies and optimizing stamping processes, along the way Kingfont also developed skills of cable assemblies and plastic molding, including over and insert molding.  As it turns out, Kingfont has equipped  itself with manufacturing stamping components and interconnects, due to its advanced die and mold making abilities for 37 years, which Kingfont has been having better command of today.  

Because of its profound expertise, Kingfont team comes to have the talent to conjure and reach customers’ different design needs, making Kingfont one of the most renowned original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in Asia.  What’s more, as an experienced interconnect supplier, Kingfont invested in the set-up of a CNLA and ISO17025 certified laboratory to guarantee overall quality of its products; the team also apply ISO 9001 and 140001 standards as its management principles.

In a nutshell, Kingfont provides quality connectors and stamping parts with competitive prices, conventional or inventive.

Kingfont's conventional Male Pins with stamping strip
Kinfont's Inventive Female Pins with stamping strip
Kingfont's custom Precision Stamping Parts Using "Drawing" Technology
Kingfont's custom-made Cable Assemblies/ Wire Harness
Kingfont's insert molding components
Kingfont's custom Precision Stamping Parts Using "Drawing" Technology
Kingfont's custom-made Cable Assemblies/ Wire Harness
Kingfont's custom Connector with Insert Molding
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Why Choose Kingfont?

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Kingfont was established in 1983, so by 2020 the company is over 37 years old. Years and years’ experience provide Kingfont with awesome research & development capabilities of designing and creating customized or innovative machine tools designed to minimize production costs, offering our customers more efficient production lines and competitive pricing; for example, our engineers developed an automatic inspection machine using CCD camera to do 100% inspection on the products, making sure they are impeccable before delivery. This self-designed machine not only guarantees good quality, but also successfully reduces the cost of the product due to the cut-down in labor cost. Therefore, by choosing us, your design project or ideas can be actualized in a more efficient manner.

Kingfont's custom designed terminals
Kingfont's insert molding part
Kingfont's customized cable
Kingfont's custom-made cable assembilies
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