Our Journey

Established in 1983, Kingfont is one of the world-leading manufacturers of electrical connectors and related components based in Taiwan. After concentrating on perfecting stamping processes and progressive-die development, over 37 years of experience in tooling and mechanical design has transformed Kingfont from a precision-component provider and a manufacturer of electrical connectors, to a professional Original Equipment/Design Manufacturer (OEM/ODM).

We do in-house production and in-depth quality management.

For instance, Kingfont has its own 8000-square-meter factory in southern Taiwan and 2000-square-meter Research & Development (R&D) center in Taipei, which were built to ensure all operations are completed in-house and quality control can be well performed. Besides, Kingfont’s quality management systems were certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, which have been our management standards since 1998.

For another example, Kingfont has set up a safety-conscious, independent CNLA-certified laboratory that is equipped with well-maintained equipments to run liability tests for you, such as the Salt Spray Tester to test how strong the sample endures salt sprays, the Programmable Temperature and Humidity Tester to test how the sample performs under different temperature and humidity, and the Convection Reflow Oven to test if the sample can be soldered well using Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

David Wang


People in Kingfont

Importantly, Kingfont is a company composed of people who are creative, energetic, capable,and are ready to work out your custom design in a cost-effective manner. For instance, the company has been one of the pioneers in Taiwan to develop tooling machines of the voice-coil-motor (VCM) related precision components since 2008 for one of their Japanese customers, used in cell-phone camera for auto focusing. During the development stage, Kingfont sales team make sure they understand customer’s needs thoroughly and the R&D team managed to fulfill clients’ ideal design cost-effectively. For another example, the company members are also strong at coming up with alternatives to optimize production lines; one instance is that Kingfont team successfully reduced the product lead time and the cost for one of their German customers, by combining several progressive-stamping steps into one at a single tooling machine, which was a manufacturing method that had never seen before. In conclusion, Kingfont offers you high-quality and cost-effective electrical connectors since the people constitute it are not just experienced, but also inventive and passionate about their work with you; the Kingfont people always put themselves in customers’ shoes and seek to build up win-win situation in every transaction with you.

Kinfont's Production and Laboratory Equipment

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